POM Virgin


Fuel System, Door System, Security System, Interior, Exterior material manufacturing from POM

Machinery Manufacturing

Suitable for Gear, Chain, Drive Shaft, Bearing, Stem nut, impeller, Roller, Cam and a variety of mechanical structural part, Power tools, shell handles, switches and etc

Electronic Appliances and Instrument Industry

Suitable for gaskets, insert components, support rings etc

Plumbing and Building Materials

Suitable for faucet nozzle, door/window parts, pulley, warm air valve, etc

Light Industry

Suitable for Ballpoint pens and movable pen parts, air pressure nozzles, disposable lighter sheets, gas pressure relief valve, zippers, biscuit molds, etc

Material POM
Usage/Application Plastic Industry
Color Natural
Packaging Type BAG
Packaging Size 25 KGS.